Stylerstreet strictly follows the legal rules and regulations to maintain its business in the UK and worldwide. As a legal UK registered company, we are legally bound to follow certain terms & conditions, just as we expect all our clients, parties and associates to do as well. These are the legal Terms & Conditions under which Stylerstreet supply items, products or services listed on our website ( or any other online marketplace. Please read carefully if you are not sure about any legal bindings before ordering any products on our website. Using our website and doing business with us indicates that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions together with our Privacy Policy (mentioned in a separate page link) regardless of whether you have chosen to register with us or not.


1. COMPANY INFORMATION: is operated and maintained by Stylerstreet Limited a UK Registered company, Company no: 11512335. Company registered office located at Unit-11, Howletts Hall Farm, Mill Lane, NavestockEngland, RM4 1ET, Contact telephone no: 020 7739 7836.



When you place an order with us, you will get an email acknowledging that we have received your order. This does not mean your order has been accepted. Please do contact us if you do not get any email response after placing an order. Stylerstreet reserves the right to accept or refuse to serve your order. In case of a fully paid order, by any chance we cannot serve or provide your product, you have the right to get full refund of the payment you have made. Please visit our Refund policy for more details about this.



At the time you are placing the order, you are to pay the price mentioned against that product on the site. The price of each item will be shown on our site in pound sterling (£, GBP), although you can view the price in a different currency and make payment of the same amount converted into your desired currency. Stylerstreet reserves the right to change the price on website time to time.

Stylerstreet reserves the right to not deliver and accept your chosen product in case of a price mistake on the website. So, although you have paid and ordered a product on the website, if Stylerstreet thinks that price was shown on the website mistakenly, then you may get a full refund without receiving the product.

Stylerstreet can change the price on the website at any time without any prior notice. However, if you already placed an order with the price it was shown while placing the order, your order or payment will not be affected if we already accepted the order.

We accept most of the debit or credit card and PayPal. Acceptable cards are : Visa, Mastercard, VISA Electron, Maestro.

You must pay the full amount of your order, including the delivery charges if it is mentioned. In some cases delivery charges are reduced or completely waived, you only pay the product price then. When you pay online, we will immediately contact your bank or card provider for authorization to take payment from your Bank account.

If some issue arises where you would like to get any sums of refund, the refund will go to the payment card or account where you have made the payment. The amount that is to refund will be subject to the contract and terms & condition which is mentioned at the time of your buying and on the product itself. You may get the refund of the product full price only, not the delivery charges.



As a consumer of the EEA, you have the right to cancel the contract if you change your mind within the 14 days of receiving the items depending on the usage/damage of the item done by you. For more details please check our refund & return policy.



Stylerstreet are legally bound to provide the exact product which is shown or mentioned on the site. In case of any faulty or damaged product, you have the full right to get refund and return the product.

If you consider the product we have shipped to you is faulty or wrong or mis-described, please do notify us as soon as possible using the contact details of Styler Street.



If you provide us the wrong shipping address, please do notify us as soon as possible. If Stylerstreet is yet to package and ship your order, we will try to correct the shipping address and deliver to your correct address. But in case we have already shipped your product(s) to the address you have provided to us, we are not liable to re-send, re-ship or cancel the order or collect back the order from wrong place. If the product comes back to our warehouse, you may need to pay additional shipping, delivery charges to get the product to the correct address. However, Stylerstreet always tries to honour its customers and sometimes may offer you free shipping or waive delivery charge in some cases, especially for customers who are regular buyers.



If we fail to comply with the terms here, we will be responsible for the loss or damage you suffer. But we will not be responsible or liable to compensate in case where you fail to comply with our terms & conditions and the loss or damage are not foreseen and not within our control.

We only provide support & service for the products to domestic and private use. If you use our product for business or commercial purpose, we may not be liable for your business loss or damage.



Stylerstreet may end or cancel the Contract any time by writing to you if:

  1. You do not make any payment to us when it is due.
  2. You do not provide to us, within the reasonable time, the information required for us to provide the products or deliver.
  3. You do not allow us reasonable time to deliver the products to you.